Would you like to host a dynasty?

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Would you like to host a dynasty?

Post by Nashvillain15 on Thu Jul 22, 2010 4:11 pm

Are open dynasties are for anyone to host. X360 or PS3 and any style of dynasty you want.

What you get:
  • Your own forum in which YOU are the moderator.
  • Help from us in whatever way you need it.
  • People we bring to the site will see your league.
  • A chance to become a premium league.

What you have to do:
  • Follow our forum rules (the game rules are up to you, but you are welcome to use our preset ones.)
  • Provide content so the rest our members can know what is going on with your league: (standings, heisman watch, player of the week) You do not have to do all of them, but you must do at least 2 or 3 content segments a week.
  • Provide the following information:
    Name of Dynasty:
    Dynasty Description:
    Prestige Restrictions? (If so, what are they?):
    Conference Restrictions? (If so, what are they?):
    How often do you plan to advance?:
    One season or multiple season?:
    Would you be willing to participate in a multiple dynasty tournament? (Not Required but when we get enough dynasties we would like to set up a tournament where the top 3 out of each dynasty go into a big tournament):
  • In your forum you will also have to post the following topics:
    Dynasty Description (In here you will have a description of the dynasty as well as a list of players and the teams they have chosen)
    Dynasty Rules (if you want to follow our rules then just say so and link to our rules page)

Apply below if interested

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