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I will be continuously working on these rules over the next week to complete them. If you have any suggestions for the rules Post Here

Table of Contents
  • A. Forum Rules
    -A.1 Forum Conduct
    -A.2 User Content
    --A.2.a Definition of User Content
    --A.2.b What is Not Appropriate?
  • B. Game Rules
    -B.1 General Rules
    -B.2 Offensive Rules
    -B.3 Defensive Rules

A. Forum Rules

A.1 Forum Conduct

A.1.a. Respect Your Peers- We are all here for one reason, to have fun. There is absolutely no reason there should be anyone making personal attacks on the forum. Anybody caught doing so will be immediately banned.

A.1.b. Respect of Everything Else This site has no purpose of bashing of any kind. If you don't like something keep it to yourself. Now there is a difference between "I hate Kentucky, they all suck and if you like Kentucky, you are stupid" and "I don't think Kentucky's football team is very good." Obviously the latter is a statement or an opinion rather than a ranting bashing of Kentucky.

A.2 User Content

A.2.a. Definition of User Content User content is anything the User creates an puts on the website. This can be signatures, avatars, or just pictures in general. This can also be words however, so watch what you say.

A.2.b. What is Not Appropriate? Keep in mind this game is rated E for Everyone. There will be different ages, races, and sexes on this site, and you shouldn't say or post anything that might offend any of them OR their parents. Here is a list of some of the things that are flat out not appropriate:
  • Pornography and Adult Pictures (Even Bathing Suits) If you are unsure get it approved by a moderator.
  • Cursing- use your judgement on this, I will only say something if it is flagrant and disrespectful.
  • Inappropriate Names or Titles- Keep your names from relating to sex, cursing, drugs, or body parts. If your PSN or X360 Name is something that would fall under this, then use a different name and you can tell your Dynasty
  • Religion- Now I don't mind if you have something in your signature that shows your faith. In fact if you do have a faith, I encourage it. But do not make any jokes that would make anyone in a religion feel uncomfortable. Nothing like "The Real God" or "IamJesus". This goes for both names and other User Content.
  • Politics- To stay away from arguments being started, please do not bring up politics in your signature, your name, or anything else for that matter.

B. Game Rules

B.1 General Rules

B.2 Offensive Rules

B.3 Defensive Rules

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